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As you probably know, cats don't like to leave their familiar surroundings. If you let us take care for your cat during your vacation or weekend out he can stay in the comfort of his own home. That is much more relaxed for your cat and yourself of course, when you are sure your cat is safe at home and is being good taken care of.

Because our care goes further than just feeding your cat we will explain here what we can mean exactly for you and your cat.

Our daily care at home exists among other: giving attention, playing, cuddle, eventually brushing or combing, giving food and cleaning the litter box.

Our approach in short goes as follows: after entering your home we first empty your mailbox. After that we check out the rooms your cat has access to for throw-ups or any other little 'accidents'.

Your cat, in the mean time, probably became curious by the 'noise' and already showed its face. What gives us an excellent opportunity to pet and cuddle him and eventually brush or comb him. After that we make sure your cat gets its necessary exercise by playing with him.

Than the time arrives to give your cat its food and fresh clean water. Our experience taught us that from that moment your cat isn't interested in us anymore what gives us the chance to clean the litter box, eventually water your plants and fill out our day report. After that we say goodbye to your cat and lock up your home. When you have returned you can read exactly in the day reports what happened everyday .

Because we have lots of experience with all kind of cats you can also count on us if your cat needs it's daily medicine.

So it does not matter if your cat is shy, neurotic, quiet, very young or already a bit older to name just a few examples.

Every cat gets during his visit the total attention from his fixed companion and will be approached on his own, with your beforehand discussed, manner.  

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