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Cat care at home for The Hague

Because we understand you won't give the care of your precious possession to any stranger that comes along, is one of the reasons we come to meet you and your cat in advance, without any costs and obligations of course.

In the case it mutual clicks and you decide to start make use of our services we fill out a short questionnaire together which concerns the specific properties of your cat.

Besides that we will explain exactly how everything will work and further discuss with you on which times and days your cat will be taken care of by us.

Because we want to present our services transparent and as clear as possible, you can read our general conditions right here.

Access - You oblige yourself to make sure that we have access to your home or the place your pet is being kept on the days we agreed to visit you. If your cat isn't there or if we don't have access to that place the costs of a visit will be charged completely

Illness - In the case we find your cat ill at your home you grant us permission, if possible after discussing this with you, to consult a vet on your expense.

Payments must always be made in cash and in advance.

Vaccinations - Only fully vaccinated cats will be accepted to our service. Owners must produce a current vaccination certificate when signing up.

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